Bite-sized work from home tip #1: Improve your sitting position and webcam image for < €10

Did you know that you can use your (old) smartphone as an external webcam on your computer? That increases image quality and most likely your sitting position. Just install Camo Cam, DroidCam or anything similar.

The corona virus and a series of lockdowns forced me — like most of us — to work from home. That does not only mean that I work from home but also spend most of the time in video conferences to communicate with clients or colleagues.

I assume many of you lack a proper setup for those video conferences. That lack usually leads to poor image quality in weird angles and — as it did for me — a lot of tension in the neck and upper back area.

I do unfortunately not own a fancy DSLR or an external webcam to improve that situation. What I have though is an old iPhone. After some research I stumbled upon Camo Cam an app that turns your iPhone into a webcam that works with Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams,... I downloaded the app onto the old iPhone as well as my MacBook and connected the phone to my MacBook via USB. I still needed a fixation for the iPhone, so I just ordered this tripod stand (no paid advertisement 😉) for €9. That’s it. I’m now using the iPhone 6s’ 12 megapixel back camera instead of my MacBooks 2 megapixel camera.

Checkout the improvement:

Before the adjustment:

After the adjustment:

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