Work from home apparently moved usual office conversations to instant messengers. Those instant messages often lead to an overload of notifications. No chance to stay focused, right?

Work from home very often leads to the situation that we are always available and as “at home” became “at work” we are always at work. Taking time off has become more important than ever.

After one year in the pandemic and working from home I figured that most of us still face the same challenge: Working days are full of meetings. No time for focus. No way out of it.


#1 Avoid meetings if possible

Schedule meetings faster with Calendly

Scheduling meetings can be time-consuming — Especially in times of working from home when our calendars tend to be full anyways. Learn how to save your precious time and schedule meetings faster.

Did you know that you can just mute/unmute yourself in video calls with one simple click? No need to search for the right window/tab in panic if someone asks you a question.

Did you know that you can use your (old) smartphone as an external webcam on your computer? That increases image quality and most likely your sitting position. Just install Camo Cam, DroidCam or anything similar.

Thomas Krammer

I’m Thomas, a tech addict living in Vienna. I studied software engineering at FH Technikum Wien and have been working in web development for more than 10 years.

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